Sunday, September 06, 2015

Top Iranian Officials Vow to Overthrow Israel

Top Iranian Officials Vow to Overthrow Israel
"Confident and defiant on the international stage since signing a favorable nuclear agreement with the world’s powers, top Iranian officials have ratcheted up their threats against Israel.

Speaking in Tunis at a meeting with the head of Tunisia's largest Islamist party, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif expressed Iran’s desire to join with any nation or group to bring down the state of Israel."

Unfortunately it looks like Obama the Muslim radical will be able to veto Congress' vote and empower the radical Iranian regime. If I wasn't a Bible-believing Christian I'd be worried right now, even though I'm living way over here in North America. Did you ever notice how many people are completely asleep to the rising danger of Iran? People are generally just horribly ignorant of what is going on with Obama, Iran and the rest of the Middle East.

Iran with $billions, nuclear weapons, and an 'end of days' ideology is probably the most dangerous situation this world has ever faced. Hitler was near nothing in comparison to radical Muslims with nuclear weapons and a re-gathered Israel. The damage Iran could do with only 3 nukes on a concentrated Israeli population. That's why the Mullahs are licking their lips right now in eager anticipation of making an end to Israel.

Lord watch over Jerusalem and Israel (which I know You are because Your word plainly says so) and bring these radical Muslim cults to an end. Forgive our countries for their radical departures from Your word and Your laws, and keep your people safe until the imminent end to this age. For we see the signs everywhere that Your return is very near. I praise and thank You for that hope, a hope that is only available  for those who believe and are redeemed by Jesus Christ. All our hope is in You. All praise is due You

- Amen.

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