Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mossad chief holds secret U.S. meetings on Iran nuclear threat, Senate panel reveals
It is the duty of the international community to prevent evil and nuclear [weapons] from coming together. That is the obligations of most of the leaders of the free world, one which they must meet

Embassy refuge in Egypt?
Barred from leaving the country? Refuge in a U.S. embassy, behind the Marine guards? Rather odd for a country that receives $1.3 billion a year in US military aid.
Afghan woman slain for giving birth to daughter
An Afghan man killed his wife for giving birth to a third daughter rather than the son he'd hoped for.

Shafia Trial: Six perspectives on 'honour' killing in Canada
Honour killings have been on the rise in Canada over the past decade

Daniel 11:
37 He shall regard neither the God of his fathers nor the desire of women, nor regard any god; for he shall exalt himself above them all.

Panetta: Iran a year away from atom bomb
Iran could develop a nuclear bomb in about a year and create the means for delivery in a further two to three years, the US defense chief said Sunday, reiterating President Barack Obama's determination to halt the effort.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Iran threatens to act first on EU embargo - FT.com
Iran has threatened to pre-empt a European embargo on its oil by halting its exports to the region immediately, a move that could hit economically weak southern European countries.

Ahmadinejad Says Iran Is Ready For Nuclear Talks
Iran is ready to revive talks with the world powers, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Thursday, as toughening sanctions aim at forcing Tehran to sharply scale back its nuclear program.

 ISIS: Iran won't move toward nuclear weapon in 2012
US Institute for Science and International Security downplays West's concerns over nuclear Iran; says Tehran's uranium enrichment capabilities not advanced enough

EU’s foreign policy chief says there’s still a chance for Israeli-Palestinian talks
The European Union’s foreign policy chief says an informal dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians is not at a dead end.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Islam in all it ugliness

Muslims slaughter 1.5 million Christians and then call us "Racist"
Turkey rages against 'Satan Sarkozy' over 'racist' French bill criminalizing Armenian genocide denial

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Romney gave 15% to charity; Obama 1%...

If Iran sanctions fail, war may be inevitable: Peter Goodspeed
By imposing an embargo on Iranian oil exports and freezing assets of its central bank, EU members hope to cut so deeply into government revenues Tehran will agree to accept international safeguards on its nuclear program.

But the sanctions themselves may be the penultimate step before a possible military attack.

Iran says sanctions to fail, repeats Hormuz threat
Iranian politicians said on Tuesday they expected the European Union to backtrack on its oil embargo and repeated a threat to close the vital Strait of Hormuz shipping lane if the West succeeds in preventing Tehran from exporting crude.

Australia to follow EU lead in banning Iranian Oil
Australian Foreign Minister Rudd says Canberra will "undertake precisely the same parallel actions" as EU on Iran sanctions.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Iran renews threats of Hormuz shutdown as EU joins U.S. in banning oil imports

Iran 'definitely' closing Strait of Hormuz over EU oil embargo — RT

Islam in all its ugliness
Israeli leader condemns Palestinian Muslim cleric
The hour of resurrection will not come until you fight the Jews," Hussein told the gathering, citing a hadith, or saying attributed to the Prophet Muhammad. "The Jews will hide behind stones and trees. But the trees and the stones will call: oh Muslim, oh servant of God, there is a Jew hiding behind me so come and kill him."
Fooled Ya!
Another step closer to WWIII

Bangkok Post : US carrier in Gulf after passing Strait of Hormuz
The US aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln has passed through the Strait of Hormuz and is now in the Gulf, the Pentagon said, after Tehran threatened to close the strategic shipping route...
Britain's Ministry of Defence said a British Royal Navy frigate and a French vessel had joined the carrier group to sail through the strategic waterway.

European Union agrees on Iran oil embargo - Telegraph
The measures include an immediate embargo on new contracts for crude oil and petroleum products while existing ones are allowed to run until July.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spring War in Iran? Chipping away at the LBL Beast

DEBKAfile, Panetta: USS Enterprise carrier group to transit Hormuz in March
Three weeks after Tehran threatened action against any US aircraft carrier entering the Strait of Hormuz, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta disclosed Sunday, Jan. 22, that the USS Enterprise Carrier Strike Group is heading for the Persian Gulf and would steam through the strategic strait in March.

U.S. Sends Carrier to Hormuz Amid Rumor of al-Quds Deployment
The United States has dispatched the USS Enterprise to the Persian Gulf in an escalation of tensions with Iran. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta visited the ship on Sunday and said the “carrier is all about” keeping the Strait of Hormuz open.

The Tyranny of Islam Continues...
(when will the West wake up?)

Islamist insurgents kill over 178 in Nigeria's Kano
Gun and bomb attacks by Islamist insurgents in the northern Nigerian city of Kano last week killed at least 178 people, a hospital doctor said on Sunday

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Islamists Win 70% of Seats in the Egyptian Parliament
Egyptian authorities confirmed Saturday that a political coalition dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, the 84-year-old group that virtually invented political Islam, had won about 47 percent of the seats in the first Parliament elected since the ouster of Hosni Mubarak. An alliance of ultraconservative Islamists won the next largest share of seats, about 25 percent.
 Netanyahu Calls for Toughest Sanctions on Iran Now
Also in Europe, Israeli military chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, told a gathering of NATO military leaders that unrest and instability from the Arab Spring meant that large numbers of advanced weapons were unsecured.

“Many have already been smuggled across international borders and reached terrorist groups; those weapons are endangering the lives of many innocent civilians all across the globe.”

Recent Assassination in Houston: Work of a Desperate Iran?
Gelareh Bagherzadeh was studying molecular genetic technology at the Texas Medical Center in Houston. An outspoken supporter of women’s rights, the Greens Movement, and regime change in Iran, she was known to be concerned about becoming a target for reprisal. On Monday, 16 January 2012, she was shot dead in her car in an upscale townhouse community where she lived near the Houston Galleria. Her purse and personal items were left untouched, lending weight to the likelihood that this was a professional hit job.

Friday, January 20, 2012

U.S. determined to avert an Israeli strike on Iran, be it with a rebuke or an embrace - Haaretz Daily Newspaper
The fear of an Israeli attack on Iran, which saturated international media until the end of autumn, is making its way back to the headlines as spring gets a little closer. The level of agreement between Israel and Western states regarding Iran's intentions and the pace of its nuclear program's advance is wider than it has been in the past.

Iran calls for Israel to be punished | Reuters
France, calling on China and Russia to back Western sanctions, said time was running out for diplomacy to deflect Tehran from a course that Washington and Israel have threatened to stop by war. An Iranian lawmaker, however, said there was no chance of resuming negotiations with world powers unless they agreed in advance to exclude the nuclear issue from the agenda

Monday, January 16, 2012

Iran may be closer to bomb than world realizes
1-year prediction may be too optimistic.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

DEBKAfile, US, Israel in open rift over Iran: Big joint military drill cancelled
US-Israeli discord over action against Iran went into overdrive Sunday, Jan. 15 when the White House called off Austere Challenge 12, the biggest joint war game the US and Israel have every staged, ready to go in spring, in reprisal for a comment by Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Yaalon in an early morning radio interview. He said the United States was hesitant over sanctions against Iran's central bank and oil for fear of a spike in oil prices.

The row between Washington and Jerusalem is now in the open, undoubtedly causing celebration in Tehran.

Obama warned Israel against Iran strike
The US administration has spent the last few days working frantically to prevent an Israeli strike on Iran and reinforcing presence in the region in preparation for Iranian counter attacks, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Sunday.

Israel, US in talks to delay missile defense drill
Talks about postponing the drill took the Americans, as well as the Israeli Air Defense division, responsible for missile defense, by surprise. Just last Thursday, top IAF officers had said that the drill was scheduled for this spring... It is possible that talks about postponing the drill can also be contributed to  increased American concern that an Israeli strike is being planned. 

Russia Supporting the Assad Regime
THE Syrian port of Tartus is Russia’s only military base outside the old Soviet Union. Moreover, Russia is the Syrian regime’s only big-power friend. So the arrival there of the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft-carrier and a few other warships earlier this month brought a warm welcome from Bashar Assad’s defence minister.
UN chief urges end to Israeli 'occupation' - Ynetnews
Ban Ki-moon says violence against civilians must end, settlement construction works against two-state solution.

Amos 9 NLT:

11 “In that day I will restore the fallen house of David.
I will repair its damaged walls.
From the ruins I will rebuild it
and restore its former glory.
12 And Israel will possess what is left of Edom
and all the nations I have called to be mine.”
The LORD has spoken,
and he will do these things.

13 “The time will come,” says the LORD,
“when the grain and grapes will grow faster
than they can be harvested.
Then the terraced vineyards on the hills of Israel
will drip with sweet wine!
14 I will bring my exiled people of Israel
back from distant lands,
and they will rebuild their ruined cities
and live in them again.
They will plant vineyards and gardens;
they will eat their crops and drink their wine.
15 I will firmly plant them there
in their own land.
They will never again be uprooted
from the land I have given them,”
says the LORD your God.

Obadiah 1 NLT:
 15 “The day is near when I, the LORD,
      will judge all godless nations!
   As you have done to Israel,
      so it will be done to you.
   All your evil deeds
      will fall back on your own heads.
 16 Just as you swallowed up my people
      on my holy mountain,
   so you and the surrounding nations
      will swallow the punishment I pour out on you.
   Yes, all you nations will drink and stagger
      and disappear from history.   
17 “But Jerusalem will become a refuge for those who escape;
      it will be a holy place.
   And the people of Israel will come back
      to reclaim their inheritance.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Royal Navy sends its mightiest ship to take on the Iranian show of force in the Gulf - Telegraph
The £1 billion destroyer carries the world's most sophisticated naval radar, capable of tracking multiple incoming threats from missiles to fighter jets

Deployment of thousands of U.S. troops in Israel, a start of war against Iran?
On December 20, the Jerusalem Post reported that Lt.-Gen. Frank Gorenc, commander of the U.S. forces based in Germany, said that there will be a deployment of several thousand American soldiers in Israel.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Covert War Continues
How to instigate Ezekiel 38: One of these days Iran will be pushed to the edge.

Senior Natanz executive slain in Tehran, US Navy, Air Force on Hormuz readiness
Forty-eight hours after Iran began advanced uranium enrichment in the fortified Fordo bunker near Tehran, Prof. Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan, deputy director of the first uranium enrichment facility at Natanz, was killed early Wednesday, Jan. 11 by a sticky bomb planted on his car by two motorcyclists. It exploded near the Sharif technological university in northern Tehran.

PressTV - Cab bomb kills Iranian scientist
On Wednesday morning, an unknown motorcyclist attached a sticky bomb to Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan's car near Allameh Tabatabaei University in Tehran. Ahmadi Roshan was immediately killed as the result of explosion, and his driver and a bystander, who had sustained injuries, were transferred to Resalat hospital.
Syria mission a 'farce,' says ex-Arab League monitor
The Arab League mission to Syria is facing renewed scrutiny after one of its observers called the mission "a farce" and quit, while a United Nations official says killings of anti-regime protesters have increased since the observers arrived.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gantz: 2012 will be a critical year regarding Iran
IDF Chief of Staff Lt.- Gen. Benny Gantz said Tuesday that 2012 would be a critical year regarding Iran and that there may be more "unnatural" events that happen to them.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Haniyeh Promises ‘Difficult Days’ for Israel
He added, “We promise you that we will not cede a single part of Palestine, we will not cede Jerusalem, we will continue to fight and we will not lay down our arms.”

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Iran: Underground nuclear site near operational
Protected site for uranium enrichment deep inside mountain at Fordow to be ready in "near future"

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Despite what Obama The Great Deceiver says about Islam...

Iran, Israel and US plan Gulf exercises
Iranian exercises, called “the Great Prophet”, will take place in February.

Islam is the enemy. The "abomination of desolation", described as an "it" in Mark 13, has been on the Temple Mount since 688AD. The prophet Daniel's prophecies about end time events point directly to the construction of the Dome of the Rock - the Abomination of Desolation. Christians and non-Christians, all people desperately need to wake up to what is happening to our world today, and definitely don't allow Obama to be your source for understanding Islam. We're witnessing the devil's last stand.

Friday, January 06, 2012

End of Middle East Christianity
The Islamic tiger is now devouring the Christian lamb. Indeed, the Christian era in the Middle East is coming to an end.

In final leg of vote, Egypt's Islamists eye majority
The Islamist Muslim Brotherhood looks set for a dominant role in Egypt's first 'free' parliament.

Revelation 6:
  9 When he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God and the testimony they had maintained. 10 They called out in a loud voice, “How long, Sovereign Lord, holy and true, until you judge the inhabitants of the earth and avenge our blood?” 11 Then each of them was given a white robe, and they were told to wait a little longer, until the full number of their fellow servants, their brothers and sisters, were killed just as they had been.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Iran is the ‘world’s most serious threat to international peace’: Stephen Harper
Prime Minister Stephen Harper delivered a scathing rebuke of Iran on Thursday as tensions build in the Middle East, saying the regime in Tehran is the greatest threat to global security and may be looking to use a nuclear weapon.

I would counter and correct that and say "Islam is the world's most serious threat to international peace."
PressTV (consider the source) - 'US deploys troops in Israel for Iran war'
The US military is preparing a massive military campaign against Iran, sending thousands of American troops, warships and weaponry to Israel. 

PressTV - Iran Cmdr. advises US to stay out of the Persian Gulf
Senior Iranian commander Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri says the US must leave the Persian Gulf if it wants to avoid encountering unpleasant situations in the future.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Iran warns U.S. to back off from Persian Gulf - CBS News
Iran issued a warning to the U.S. Navy operating in the Persian Gulf. The White House responded by saying that Iran is lashing out because its economy is suffering under sanctions aimed at its nuclear program.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Formerly Great Cities All Over America Are Turning Into Open, Festering Sores | Alex Jones' Infowars
Our economy is dying and formerly great cities all over America are being turned into open, festering sores. This country is in so much trouble that it is hard to find words that can adequately describe it.

Loss of faith in democracy could make 2012 the most frightening year ever | Mail Online
Meanwhile, as the eurozone slides towards disaster, the prospects for Europe have rarely been bleaker. Already the European elite have installed compliant technocratic governments in Greece and Italy, and with the markets now putting pressure on France, few observers can be optimistic that the Continent can avoid a total meltdown.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood: Israel peace deal isn't binding
Leader in Egyptian Islamist movement says it won't recognize Israel under any circumstances, and might put up peace treaty with 'Zionist entity' up to referendum; 'Israel is enemy entity,' he says