Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thanks to Jeri from SA for pointing me to these videos. The Christian who produced these videos has done some amazing work on end times prophesy. I was overwhelmed by the large amount of detail. My only problem with the material is that I think it violates Acts 1. Otherwise he has me interested in what could happen in 2016:

Acts 1: 6 So when the apostles were with Jesus, they kept asking him, “Lord, has the time come for you to free Israel and restore our kingdom?”

7 He replied, “The Father alone has the authority to set those dates and times, and they are not for you to know.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ceasefire Over
Israeli air raids struck a Hamas target in Khan Younes, inflicting at least 10 Palestinian casualties, Thursday, Jan. 29, after two missiles aimed at Sderot from Gaza early that morning hit the Shear Hanegev region.

Bibi: Iran threat trumps economic crisis
Likud leader warns "fanatical regime" mustn't get nukes; earlier, Netanyahu says job in Gaza not done.

Gunmen open fire outside US Embassy in Yemen
This week, two former Guantanamo inmates appeared on an al Qaeda website video to affirm their dedication to jihad shortly after President Barack Obama signed a directive to close the Guantanamo Bay prison camp in Cuba within a year. One was a top al Qaeda leader in Yemen.

Account of Israeli UN compound attack doesn't hold up to scrutiny

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Barack Obama offers open hand to Muslims
“We are looking at the region as a whole and communicating a message to the Arab world and the Muslim world, that we are ready to initiate a new partnership based on mutual respect and mutual interest,” he said.

"Mutual respect and mutual interest"? Who writes this trash for Hussein Obama? In reality, according to Mohammad, every 'good Muslim' will go out and force people to convert to Islam, make them pay a humiliating tax (jizyah), or better yet - kill all infidels.

It's no secret how Islam was spread throughout history...or maybe it is and Obama is taking advantage of all the ignorance out there. We have nothing to respect in Islam, and certainly [should] have no mutual interest in worshiping the beast of Islam. Hussein Obama obviously disagrees.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Very interesting perspective on the Gaza-Israel war:

Arabs at the brink
UN rep Zalmay Khalilzad says US embassies were nearly 'overrun'.
A top Saudi diplomat warns of joint jihad against Israel - with Iran.

You probably didn't know that the reason the Bush administration, in its last days, reversed course on Gaza is because they feared that US embassies in the Middle East might be stormed by angry crowds if they did nothing. You'll remember that, after weeks of supporting Israel's invasion of Gaza, the United States suddenly reversed course and allowed the UN Security Council to pass a unanimous resolution demanding a ceasefire. (The United States didn't vote yes, but it abstained -- rather than threatening its oft-used veto.)...

"If the US wants to continue playing a leadership role in the Middle East and keep its strategic alliances intact – especially its ‘special relationship’ with Saudi Arabia – it will have to drastically revise its policies vis-à-vis Israel and Palestine. " These sentiments, that sort of anger, are virtually unprecedented coming from a top Saudi leader. He went on to suggest a possible Saudi alliance with Iran -- yes, Iran! -- in support of a jihad against Israel.

Iran to have enough for a nuke - this year...but what else is new?
Guess what? The world is marching to its end - no surprise here as there's ample evidence that the end of this age is well under way, not the least of which is the re-establishment of Israel in 1948.

I don't have much (read: 'any') hope that Obama's "tea or coffee" approach with Ahmadinejad is going to make any difference. Exciting times ahead for a chosen few.

Two days after DEBKAfile, JPost reports: US/Cairo intercept Iranian arms ship
Israel is closely tracking an Iranian freighter believed to be carrying weaponry for Hamas that is currently docked in the Red Sea outside the Suez Canal, after Egypt refused to permit it to cross the waterway to the Mediterranean.

Foreshadowing Isaiah 17

'Israel warned Syria during Gaza op: If Hizbullah attacks we'll attack Damascus'
During Operation Cast Lead, Israel warned Syria that it would bomb sites and facilities in Damascus if Hizbullah fires rockets on Israeli towns and communities in the North, Egyptian paper Al Ahram reported Tuesday.

Isaiah 17:
This message came to me concerning Damascus: “Look, the city of Damascus will disappear! It will become a heap of ruins.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Two ex-Guantanamo inmates appear in Al-Qaeda video...
One of the two former inmates, a Saudi man identified as Abu Sufyan al-Azdi al-Shahri, or prisoner number 372, has been elevated to the senior ranks of Al-Qaeda in Yemen, a US counter-terrorism official told AFP.

A message to Edom (descendants of Esau)

15 “The day is near when I, the Lord,
will judge all godless nations!
As you have done to Israel,
so it will be done to you.
All your evil deeds
will fall back on your own heads.
16 Just as you swallowed up my people
on my holy mountain,
so you and the surrounding nations
will swallow the punishment I pour out on you.
Yes, all you nations will drink and stagger
and disappear from history.

17 “But Jerusalem will become a refuge for those who escape;
it will be a holy place.
And the people of Israel will come back
to reclaim their inheritance.
18 The people of Israel will be a raging fire,
and Edom a field of dry stubble.
The descendants of Joseph will be a flame
roaring across the field, devouring everything.
There will be no survivors in Edom.
I, the Lord, have spoken!

Can't argue with that!
It's pretty obvious who will win in the Middle East in the end. A "Bible believing world leader" (if there are any) would be crazy to ignore obvious prophesy. Instead they all seem to flounder in ignorance and arrogance toward their Creator.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Obama reverses Bush's ban on abortion funding abroad
U.S. President Barack Obama reversed a ban implemented by his predecessor, George W. Bush, on funding for international groups that perform abortions or provide information about the procedures to women abroad, the White House said Friday.

Typical politician: doing the dirty work early, so voters have 4 years to forget. You're not that smooth, Mr. Obama. The God, who you presumably professed pre-election, will hold you accountable.
All Jihadis please report to table tennis (?)
I've gotta ask: "How stupid can the West get? We must take the brunt of every Middle Eastern joke."

You got to love Obama 'cause he's hastening the Second Coming - AWESOME!!
Guantanamo detainee resurfaces in terrorist group
I just don't understand it?! He went through "a Saudi rehabilitation program for former jihadists -???"

That's completely stupid. I saw their 'rehabilitation' on the news the other night. It was very touching: they encouraged the 'ex-terrorists' to paint pretty pictures to express their feelings, and after a couple months they're out on the airplanes again. Isn't that rather ridiculous? These jihadis aren't alcoholics trying to kick a bad habit - they're trying to fulfill their religious duty to kill the infidel. We're fighting a religion here not a crack addiction. A few weeks or months of art class isn't going to change their desire for martyrdom. Someone, anyone at the Whitehouse - please wake up!

The Quran states: "O ye who believe! fight the unbelievers ... " (Sura 9:123).

The God of the Bible says: "Love your enemies."

The Quran states: "But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them and lie in wait (ambush) for them in every stratagem (of war)" (Sura 9:5).

The God of the Bible says: "Bless them that curse you."

The Quran states: "Fight those who believe not in God [Allah] and his apostle [Muhammad], nor acknowledge the religion of truth [even if they are] of the people of the book [i.e. Jews and Christians], until they pay jizya [humiliating tax] with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued [enslaved]" (Sura 9:29).

The God of the Bible says: "Do good to them that hate you."

The Quran states: "Therefore when ye meet the unbelievers [in fight] smite at their necks; at length
[eg. slit their throats], when ye have thoroughly subdued them, bind a bond firmly [on them]" (Sura 47:4).

The God of the Bible says: "Pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you."

Ah, um... I pick Jesus over MohamMAD any day of the week! ISLAM IS EVIL and will soon be put in its place, that is Hades.

Revelation 19:
20 And the beast was captured, and with him the false prophet who did mighty miracles on behalf of the beast—miracles that deceived all who had accepted the mark of the beast and who worshiped his statue. Both the beast and his false prophet were thrown alive into the fiery lake of burning sulfur. 21 Their entire army was killed by the sharp sword that came from the mouth of the one riding the white horse. And the vultures all gorged themselves on the dead bodies.

Two US warships escort Iranian ship carrying arms for Hamas out through Suez Canal
The Iranian ship's captain showed the US boarding team documents recording the Syrian port of Latakia as its cargo's destination. DEBKAfile reports that both US and Israeli intelligence are certain the arms were bound for Hamas. But according to international law, the US Navy's Combined Task Force (CTF) 151, set up last week to combat piracy, was not authorized to confiscate the cargo or stop the ship because no enforcement mechanism was yet in place... After a few hours, therefore, the US force released the Iranian vessel

Obama urges Israel to open Gaza borders
"Yes, it's inhumane not to release the suicide bombers. Don't worry we'll place international monitors at the border as effective as UNIFIL" (gasp!)

God will not act favorably towards the allies of Israel's enemies. It will not be 'pretty' for them in the end...

Isaiah 63

Judgment against the Lord’s Enemies
1 Who is this who comes from Edom,
from the city of Bozrah,
with his clothing stained red?
Who is this in royal robes,
marching in his great strength?

“It is I, the Lord, announcing your salvation!
It is I, the Lord, who has the power to save!”

2 Why are your clothes so red,
as if you have been treading out grapes?

3 “I have been treading the winepress alone;
no one was there to help me.
In my anger I have trampled my enemies
as if they were grapes.
In my fury I have trampled my foes.
Their blood has stained my clothes.
4 For the time has come for me to avenge my people,
to ransom them from their oppressors.
5 I was amazed to see that no one intervened
to help the oppressed.
So I myself stepped in to save them with my strong arm,
and my wrath sustained me.
6 I crushed the nations in my anger
and made them stagger and fall to the ground,
spilling their blood upon the earth.”

Regarding verse 3 above, wouldn't it be great if we were ruled by a government (me-Canadian, most of you-American) that was RADICALLY, pro-Israel? I mean so far off the charts pro-Zionist that the Liberal Lefties would just about have a heart attack?

I only see blessings towards any country and leader who is willing to go that extreme, who is willing to help regathered Israel, the people described as "the apple of God's eye". Tragically, nobody on earth is like King David today, and ultimately it will be Christ alone coming down to utterly destroy his enemies.

Isaiah 41:
12 You will look in vain
for those who tried to conquer you.
Those who attack you
will come to nothing.
13 For I hold you by your right hand—
I, the Lord your God.
And I say to you,
‘Don’t be afraid. I am here to help you.
14 Though you are a lowly worm, O Jacob,
don’t be afraid, people of Israel, for I will help you.
I am the Lord, your Redeemer.
I am the Holy One of Israel.’

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Apparently "they couldn't find one". Just a technicality anyways, right?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Psalm 46:

God is our refuge and strength,
always ready to help in times of trouble.
2 So we will not fear when earthquakes come
and the mountains crumble into the sea.

3 Let the oceans roar and foam.
Let the mountains tremble as the waters surge!

4 A river brings joy to the city of our God,
the sacred home of the Most High.
5 God dwells in that city; it cannot be destroyed.
From the very break of day, God will protect it.
6 The nations are in chaos,
and their kingdoms crumble!
God’s voice thunders,
and the earth melts!
7 The Lord of Heaven’s Armies is here among us;
the God of Israel is our fortress.

8 Come, see the glorious works of the Lord:
See how he brings destruction upon the world.
9 He causes wars to end throughout the earth.
He breaks the bow and snaps the spear;
he burns the shields with fire.

10 “Be still, and know that I am God!
I will be honored by every nation.
I will be honored throughout the world.”

11 The Lord of Heaven’s Armies is here among us;
the God of Israel is our fortress.

Charles Stanley - Times of Trouble (excellent reminder)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

May the God of Israel have mercy on Obama, and give him wisdom. Personally I wouldn't want the job. This present age is no place for an ecumenical approach to God. There's only one way to approach God, but no government leader I know is looking exclusively to Jesus. God will not 'smile' on anyone's leadership unless they acknowledge His Son.

Narrow minded? Yes, but that's the way God designed it. Take it up with Him if you don't like it.

For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.
- Matthew 7:14

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hamas: We will continue to smuggle weapons into Strip

Spokesman says group aims to manufacture "holy weapons," claims only 48 gunmen killed; Hamas warns demands in return for Schalit may increase.

Would somebody please tell Mr. President who the enemy is.

Why Obama is doomed to failure: Leader of 'Hamas-linked' group to deliver prayer
Government claims organization is supported by terrorist Muslim Brotherhood

For at least the second time since last summer, those close to President-elect Barack Obama are defending the selection of the leader of a Muslim group, linked by the U.S. government to terrorists, to play a leading role in an ecumenical religious service.

Nothing like praying to the beast to start off your presidential term. The only God will never bless that.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Habakkuk 3:

3 I see God moving across the deserts from Edom,
the Holy One coming from Mount Paran.
His brilliant splendor fills the heavens,
and the earth is filled with his praise.
4 His coming is as brilliant as the sunrise.
Rays of light flash from his hands,
where his awesome power is hidden.
5 Pestilence marches before him;
plague follows close behind.
6 When he stops, the earth shakes.
When he looks, the nations tremble.
He shatters the everlasting mountains
and levels the eternal hills.
He is the Eternal One!
7 I see the people of Cushan in distress,
and the nation of Midian trembling in terror.

8 Was it in anger, Lord, that you struck the rivers
and parted the sea?
Were you displeased with them?
No, you were sending your chariots of salvation!
9 You brandished your bow
and your quiver of arrows.
You split open the earth with flowing rivers.
10 The mountains watched and trembled.
Onward swept the raging waters.
The mighty deep cried out,
lifting its hands to the Lord.
11 The sun and moon stood still in the sky
as your brilliant arrows flew
and your glittering spear flashed.

12 You marched across the land in anger
and trampled the nations in your fury.
13 You went out to rescue your chosen people,
to save your anointed ones.
You crushed the heads of the wicked
and stripped their bones from head to toe.
14 With his own weapons,
you destroyed the chief of those
who rushed out like a whirlwind,
thinking Israel would be easy prey.
15 You trampled the sea with your horses,
and the mighty waters piled high.

16 I trembled inside when I heard this;
my lips quivered with fear.
My legs gave way beneath me,
and I shook in terror.
I will wait quietly for the coming day
when disaster will strike the people who invade us.
17 Even though the fig trees have no blossoms,
and there are no grapes on the vines;
even though the olive crop fails,
and the fields lie empty and barren;
even though the flocks die in the fields,
and the cattle barns are empty,
18 yet I will rejoice in the Lord!
I will be joyful in the God of my salvation!
19 The Sovereign Lord is my strength!
He makes me as surefooted as a deer,
able to tread upon the heights.

Revelation 19:

The Rider on the White Horse

11I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and makes war. 12His eyes are like blazing fire, and on his head are many crowns. He has a name written on him that no one knows but he himself. 13He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and his name is the Word of God. 14The armies of heaven were following him, riding on white horses and dressed in fine linen, white and clean. 15Out of his mouth comes a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations. "He will rule them with an iron scepter."[a] He treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God Almighty. 16On his robe and on his thigh he has this name written:

Even though things are falling apart physically and spiritually on this earth – rejoice in the Lord anyways! The Lord is returning soon. What else matters?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Iran lost the war in Gaza, so now they're REALLY mad
Maybe they'll feel better once they have their "nuclear power plants" up and running (?)

Iranian hardliners threaten Arab "traitors" with death
TEHRAN (AFP) – Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei denounced Arab "traitors" and "hypocrites" in the Gaza crisis, in a message Friday to Hamas leader Ismail Haniya, the state news agency IRNA reported.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Economic sanctions on Iran are a joke. It sure looks like Iran is building a bomb...

WSJ - Fresh clues of Iranian nuclear intrigue
"There doesn't seem to be any real doubt or debate whether Iran is going for the bomb or whether Iran is using front companies to import things. Everyone agrees on that around the world."

Hayden: al-Qaida boxed in, Iran near nuke decision

"I'm amazed Iran is willing to run the costs they are running if they are not trying to keep the option open for a nuclear weapon," Hayden said.

Ahmadinejad has frequently called for the destruction of Israel. With Iran's continued attempts to build a nuclear bomb it is only a matter of time before we see Israel attack Iran, or Iran attack Israel. A showdown looks inevitable. Is Ezekiel 38 just around the corner? That's a huge question because the world won't be the same after that.

Ezekiel 38:
But this is what the Sovereign Lord says: When Gog invades the land of Israel, my fury will boil over! 19 In my jealousy and blazing anger, I promise a mighty shaking in the land of Israel on that day. 20 All living things—the fish in the sea, the birds of the sky, the animals of the field, the small animals that scurry along the ground, and all the people on earth—will quake in terror at my presence. Mountains will be thrown down; cliffs will crumble; walls will fall to the earth. 21 I will summon the sword against you on all the hills of Israel, says the Sovereign Lord. Your men will turn their swords against each other. 22 I will punish you and your armies with disease and bloodshed; I will send torrential rain, hailstones, fire, and burning sulfur! 23 In this way, I will show my greatness and holiness, and I will make myself known to all the nations of the world. Then they will know that I am the Lord.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Global Warming" rears its head (now I know why they changed the name to: "Climate Change"). God has a fantastic sense of humor.

From Drudge:

Blowing snow, frigid temps pound nation...
Frigid air, perhaps coldest of winter...
Chill Map...
Public opinion is turning against 'the occupier'

Israel apologises to UN after 'phosphorous' strike on relief headquarters

Israel pushes into Gaza City
At least three Palestinians in Gaza were shot dead yesterday after Israeli soldiers fired on a group of residents leaving their homes on orders from the military and waving white flags, according to testimony taken by the Israeli human rights group B'Tselem.

Israel's indiscriminate weapon killed 30 'Palestinians'

Civilians used as canon fodder
In Gaza and in southern Israel civilians have become cannon fodder. But the IDF's cannons are much deadlier, and until now about half of the people killed in IDF strikes in Gaza are apparently innocent bystanders: Over 200 dead civilians, at least 80 of them children. And the killing continues.

I'm not here to defend every action by Israel and the IDF, but I know enough about the God of Israel that I would never work against Israel. I can almost see the armies lining up around Jerusalem already in protest of Israel's actions to protect herself.

The best the world could do for the 'Palestinians' today is vacate all non-Israeli's from between the Euphrates and the Nile and restore the Promised Land. But world leaders won't do it - so God will.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

UK Sunday Times: Israel plans nuclear strike on Iran

The time clock has run out; Israel ready to strike Iran
Informed sources in Washington tell Newsmax that Israel indeed will launch a strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities soon – possibly in just days as President George W. Bush prepares to leave office.

Ya right!
Many people are going to be very unpleasantly surprised.

Zechariah 9:
The city of Ashkelon will see Tyre fall
and will be filled with fear.
Gaza will shake with terror,
as will Ekron, for their hopes will be dashed.
Gaza’s king will be killed,
and Ashkelon will be deserted.
6 Foreigners will occupy the city of Ashdod.
I will destroy the pride of the Philistines.
7 I will grab the bloody meat from their mouths
and snatch the detestable sacrifices from their teeth.
Then the surviving Philistines will worship our God
and become like a clan in Judah.
The Philistines of Ekron will join my people,
as the ancient Jebusites once did.
8 I will guard my Temple
and protect it from invading armies.
I am watching closely to ensure
that no more foreign oppressors overrun my people’s land.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Atheists paying for advertising on British buses
London's iconic red buses could be plastered with the slogan "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life," in an atheist advertising campaign responding to a set of Christian ads.

Comedy writer Ariane Sherine, 28, objected to the Christian adverts on some London buses, which carried an Internet address warning that people who rejected God were condemned to spend eternity in "torment in hell."

There won't be any 'comedy written' in hell.

Romans 1:
18 But God shows his anger from heaven against all sinful, wicked people who suppress the truth by their wickedness. 19 They know the truth about God because he has made it obvious to them. 20 For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Al Arabiya (consider the source) - Anger boils around the world as mobs take to the streets for Gaza

If the world (including Obama) begins to gather against Israel for defending itself against qassams, the whole world better get ready to meet the only God, also known as - "the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob/Israel".

From my perspective, which is that the Bible is the only Word of God, the people protesting against Israel look like complete fools. The best advice that can be given to the 'Palestinians' and Hamas is to surrender to every Israeli demand and then get OUT of Gaza and clear out all other Ishmaelites from between the Euphrates and Nile rivers. That is, turn to Christ as the only source of salvation and do the will of the only God -give the promised land back to Israel. But because they and the world are not willing to listen to what Bible prophecy clearly says , massive bloodshed is coming (see verses I quoted yesterday).

The warning has been adequately given through prophecy, consider yourself warned - God's wrath is coming.

Nahum 1

15 Look! A messenger is coming over the mountains with good news!

He is bringing a message of peace.
Celebrate your festivals, O people of Judah,
and fulfill all your vows,
for your wicked enemies will never invade your land again.
They will be completely destroyed!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Interesting - Damascus-based Meshaal intervenes to prevent Hamas-Gaza from agreeing to a cease-fire
DEBKAfile's sources report that the Hamas leader's emotional tirade raised suspicions in Jerusalem that he may have obtained pledges from Tehran and Hizballah for a last-ditch operation to save Hamas from collapse.

DEBKAfile was right about Israel's Gaza invasion. Are they right again on the above story?

Israel tells Gazans to brace for war escalation
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – Israel pounded rocket sites and tunnels Saturday while its planes dropped leaflets warning of an escalation, and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas predicted a "waterfall of blood" unless all parties adhere to the U.N.'s call for a durable cease-fire.

Free Palestine Indeed!
Only one side is going to win this conflict. Get ready for the fulfillment of Isaiah 63.

Isaiah 63:
1 Who is this who comes from Edom,
from the city of Bozrah,
with his clothing stained red?
Who is this in royal robes,
marching in his great strength?

“It is I, the Lord, announcing your salvation!
It is I, the Lord, who has the power to save!”

2 Why are your clothes so red,
as if you have been treading out grapes?

3 “I have been treading the winepress alone;
no one was there to help me.
In my anger I have trampled my enemies
as if they were grapes.
In my fury I have trampled my foes.
Their blood has stained my clothes.
4 For the time has come for me to avenge my people,
to ransom them from their oppressors.
5 I was amazed to see that no one intervened
to help the oppressed.
So I myself stepped in to save them with my strong arm,
and my wrath sustained me.
6 I crushed the nations in my anger
and made them stagger and fall to the ground,
spilling their blood upon the earth.”

Isaiah 65:
8 “But I will not destroy them all,”
says the Lord.
“For just as good grapes are found among a cluster of bad ones
(and someone will say, ‘Don’t throw them all away—
some of those grapes are good!’),
so I will not destroy all Israel.
For I still have true servants there.
9 I will preserve a remnant of the people of Israel
and of Judah to possess my land.
Those I choose will inherit it,
and my servants will live there.
10 The plain of Sharon will again be filled with flocks
for my people who have searched for me,
and the valley of Achor will be a place to pasture herds.

(emphasis mine)

Friday, January 09, 2009

Lest we forget what this is all about

Israeli Strike Reportedly Hits United Nations School in Gaza ...

UNRWA Pulls out of Gaza, UN Drivers Killed

UN suspends Gaza aid operations

For the record, Hamas has used UNRWA vehicles in the past to transport rockets, so the truth is very likely being contorted in the media (nothing new). Hamas also uses mosques, hospitals, and schools to store qassams and hides behind densely populated civilian areas (i.e. Gaza City) so the guilty party is not as easily identifiable as the media misleads us to believe. If they'd agree to stop firing rockets at Israel a 'cease fire' could be reached in minutes. Oh, but they're protesting Israel's occupation of "Palestine" - what a piece of garbage that revisionist history is. I almost can't stand it when I see "Free Palestine" posters displayed by protesting mobs in the West. Here's true history...

The whole world is getting angry at Israel regarding Gaza. Israel better be careful because soon they'll have the whole world crashing in their front door...wait a minute - where have I read that scenario before?

Zechariah 12: This message concerning the fate of Israel came from the Lord: “This message is from the Lord, who stretched out the heavens, laid the foundations of the earth, and formed the human spirit. 2 I will make Jerusalem like an intoxicating drink that makes the nearby nations stagger when they send their armies to besiege Jerusalem and Judah. 3 On that day I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock. All the nations will gather against it to try to move it, but they will only hurt themselves.

4 “On that day,” says the Lord, “I will cause every horse to panic and every rider to lose his nerve. I will watch over the people of Judah, but I will blind all the horses of their enemies. 5 And the clans of Judah will say to themselves, ‘The people of Jerusalem have found strength in the Lord of Heaven’s Armies, their God.’

6 “On that day I will make the clans of Judah like a flame that sets a woodpile ablaze or like a burning torch among sheaves of grain. They will burn up all the neighboring nations right and left, while the people living in Jerusalem remain secure.

7 “The Lord will give victory to the rest of Judah first, before Jerusalem, so that the people of Jerusalem and the royal line of David will not have greater honor than the rest of Judah. 8 On that day the Lord will defend the people of Jerusalem; the weakest among them will be as mighty as King David! And the royal descendants will be like God, like the angel of the Lord who goes before them! 9 For on that day I will begin to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.

I'm not a betting man, but if I was I'd undoubtedly bet on Israel's eternal survival. The God of Jacob said it - it's going to happen. Get ready! It's frustrating that most people just don't get it!

1 Corinthians 2:
The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned.

and a current favorite...

Joel 3:
4 "Now what have you against me, O Tyre and Sidon (Lebanon) and all you regions of Philistia (Gaza)? Are you repaying me for something I have done? If you are paying me back, I will swiftly and speedily return on your own heads what you have done.
(comments mine)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

War Expanding?
Three Katyusha rockets hit northern Israel from Lebanon

Iran's Larijani meets Hamas in Damascus
A senior Iranian politician met Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal in Damascus on Wednesday as the Palestinian Islamist group considered an Egyptian proposal for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

Israelis Arrive in Egypt for Cease-Fire Talks

1 Thessalonians 5:
For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape. 4 But you, brethren, are not in darkness, so that this Day should overtake you as a thief. 5 You are all sons of light and sons of the day. We are not of the night nor of darkness. 6 Therefore let us not sleep, as others do, but let us watch and be sober.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Iran: We have 70,000 suicide bombers ready to strike Israel
More than 70,000 Iranian student volunteers have registered to carry out suicide bombings against Israel because of Israel's assault on the Gaza Strip.