Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Russia Deploys 28 Warplanes to Syria-Israel News

Russia Deploys 28 Warplanes to Syria-Israel News
"In a serious escalation of its military presence, Russia deployed 28 combat aircraft to its base in Syria. A senior United States official said on Monday that 12 Su-25 Frogfoot ground-attack planes and 12 Su-24 Fencers had arrived at the Russian base in Latakia, adding the ability to strike at ground-based targets. Previously, there were four Flanker air-to-air fighters at the base."

Maybe there's something to this September 23rd thing?! Is the Gog & Magog war about to take place?! Let's review the current situation:

  • Iran is empowered; 
  • Putin is psychotic and is building an airforce base next to his naval base in Syria;
  • Russia has its largest nuclear weapons capable submarine on the border of Israel;
  • Netanyahu and senior military advisers just completed an emergency meeting with Putin; 
  • Obama is impotent; 
  • Israel has massive gas reserves; 
  • the world as represented by the UN hates Israel; 
  • Arabs are rioting on the Temple Mount; 
  • ISIS is beheading middle east Christians...

YES, I would say the conditions are perfect for the Gog & Magog War! Be extremely watchful in these last days! Perhaps the blood moon tetrad; Isaac Newton's riddle; and start of the Jubilee are indeed trying to tell us something big is about to happen. What a time to be alive!!! That cannot be overstated!

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