Sunday, September 20, 2015

Russia sending advanced air defenses to Syria: sources - Yahoo News

Russia sending advanced air defenses to Syria: sources
"U.S. officials say they believe Moscow has been sending troops and equipment to Syria, although they say Russia's intentions are not clear."

Speaking at a news conference in Moscow, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Russia was sending military equipment to Syria to help the Assad government combat Islamic State fighters, and had sent experts to help train the Syrian army to use it.

However, the dispatch of advanced anti-aircraft missiles would appear to undermine that justification, since neither Islamic State nor any other Syrian rebel group possesses any aircraft.

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The article goes on to say the only countries doing airstrikes right now in Syria are US, Britain, France, Jordan and Turkey. America and allies apparently want Assad gone; Russia and Iran want to bolster Assad - ?? It appears Obama is supporting muslim radicals to oust Assad, while Russia is trying to stop it. Have to say I'm more for Putin than the Obamanation on this one. What is Obama doing there exactly? We hear that Assad is bad but is al Nusra better? Is the Obamanation going to draw another "dreaded" red line? (smirk).

Stay close to Christ. He's the only way out of this awful mess.

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