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Doug Krieger to Tribnet 7,000
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70 YEARS – 70 NATIONS – 70th WEEK . . . Deciding the Fate of Israel . . . by Doug Krieger…12.29.2016
On Nov. 29, 1947, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution calling for Palestine to be partitioned between Arabs and Jews, allowing for the formation of the Jewish state of Israel. Now, 70 years later on 15 January 2017 there will be 70 nations who shall gather in Paris to decide the fate of that Jewish State and her partition after multiple wars which reconfigured the landscape of that original partition (…/nov-29-1947-united-na…/…).
I find it nigh prophetic and most certainly ironic, that some 70 years has passed since that original partitioning which eventually paved the way for the independent State of Israel, founded that next May, 1948. Israel will be celebrating her 70th Anniversary in the year 2017 AD ( and the 50th Anniversary of the uniting of Jerusalem under Israeli control because of the Six-Day War in 1967, which in turn could spark a real Intifada if something else, below, takes place (
Why the emphasis upon 70 nations to be gathered for this occasion (…/us-israel-palestinians-france-idUS…)? This occasion, which could in the final five days of the Obama Administration present a resolution to the UN, would ostensibly create (officially) a Palestinian State sanctioned by, once again, the United Nations’ 15-membered Security Council at the urging of the White House. It appears we are witnessing the convergence of these “70s”. This brings to our prophetic attention the very 70th Week of Daniel’s prophecy found in Daniel 9:24-27.
The “framework” of this 70-nation effort comes on the heels of UN Security Resolution 2334 proclaiming the “settlements” as wholly illegal and demanding that Israel move back to her pre-1967 borders before the Six-Day War. UN Resolution 2334 was configured under “Chapter VI (6)” of the UN Resolutions charter—meaning that if Israel does not comply “sanctions” and/or penalties would not be implemented (…/circle-january-15th-70…).
UN Resolution 2334 was further amplified by the speech given by Secretary of State John Kerry this week (between Hanukkah/Christmas and New Year’s day)—a speech which rambled on for one hour but structured a six-point plan for the 70-nation French-sponsored summit to draft and/or incorporate Kerry’s six-points into an official document to be presented to the United Nations Security Council for a final resolution that will have TEETH in it because it will be wrought under Chapter VII (7) in the drafting of UN Resolutions—meaning, sanctions would be mandatory; penalties would be permitted until compliance of the UN Resolution were implemented by Israel (meaning, Israel would have to pull back to pre-1967 boundaries or “agree in principle” to do so).
There would be a very tight window (January 16-19, 2017), prior to the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as US-President, to pass such a resolution demanding Israel’s compliance “or else!” The 70-nation summit in Paris is simply “window-dressing” – the real action would take place under Chapter VII at a last-minute United Nations Security Council meeting which would incorporate the “findings” at the Paris 70-Nation Summit into the final Resolution on the Two-State Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian “problem”—thereby providing the basis for BDS: Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions against Israel for non-compliance. This would in turn create a huge reaction from President Trump and both sides of the aisle—virtually the entire US Congress would be up in arms!
The Israelis are apt to pre-empt such a treacherous effort by annexing the territories into Israel proper without giving Palestinians Israeli citizenship, as they have done in Israel’s immediate boundaries in order to keep the character of the Jewish State—thereby inflaming the Arab World all the more. Israel has nothing to lose in such an annexation in that everything she has done so far with the settlements is considered illegal in any event by the UN Security Council’s Resolution 2334—and affirmed by Secretary of State John Kerry’s broadside with the SIX PLANKS designed for the 70-Nation Summit in Paris . . . all of which serve as the final UN Security Council Resolution under Chapter VII and thereby ENFORCING such an “Agreement” upon Israel!
All this is going down while today, 12.29.2016, President Obama has kicked out some 35 Russian diplomats as a result of the "Russian Hacking" into DNC computers during the 2016 presidential election--Trump is being left a complete foreign policy disaster--a BURNING HOUSE!
The whole thing smacks of the “Covenant of Death and Hell” wherein the Antichrist shall “ENFORCE (Heb. “gebar” as in “mighty” or “mandatory compliance”) a Covenant (agreement or “security pact”) with the many (the United Nations) for One Week” (Daniel 9:27). This “Week” in Daniel 9:27 IS the 70th Week in that 69 Weeks have already transpired with the end of the 62nd Week (or, 7 weeks + 62 weeks = 69 weeks fulfilled) taking place “until Messiah the Prince” which took place on 10 Nisan (33 A.D. on the Julian Calendar – 29 March 33—and four days later the Pascal Lamb was offered up for the “sins of many” – 1 April 33 AD on Wednesday/Thursday 13/14 Nisan – Passover Preparation Day/Passover Day). (Note: As there was a gap between the first 7 weeks [49 years] and the 62 weeks [434 years], there would be a gap between “until Messiah the Prince” [Yeshua at His First Coming] and the final 70th Week and/or 7 years) and the final 70th Week/7 Years.
No, I am not saying THIS narrative IS the “Treaty of Death and Hell” (found in Isaiah 28:15, 18) but I am saying I have never seen such a geopolitical orchestrated affair that so closely resembles the fulfillment of Daniel 9:27!
The only other “70” that might have something to say about all this is President Donald J. Trump, who, as it turns out, is 70 years of age.
I would not be surprised if Israel made a preemptive strike on this plot hatched between Barack Hussein Obama and the Palestinian Authority (secretly devised without Israel’s knowledge of the same) by officially annexing the territories into Israel proper—unilaterally declaring that Judea and Samaria are now a part of the State of Israel!
Naturally, this in turn foresees, under a Trump Administration, chastising the United Nations by withholding one-quarter of their budget and the movement of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Likewise, this would grossly exacerbate the entire “situation” in the Middle East and provoke the immediate Arab nations and clusters, not only to be outraged over this annexation—which de facto already exists—but could readily lead to all-out warfare between Israel and some of her immediate neighbors, let alone Gaza/Hamas and the Palestinian Authority in the “annexation.”
Unfortunately, most Christians and Jews (for that matter), see little, if any, significance in a latter-day prophetic fulfillment of such an orchestrated enforcement upon Israel—and most certainly do not see any relevance in Daniel’s 70 Weeks involved in such a prophetic narrative. Does it matter if they do or don’t? In a way it really doesn’t matter because it will happen whether they see it or not—but it would be better if they could see it and prepare hearts and minds to recommit themselves to the DELIVERER – preparing to both testify and to greet the only One Who can bring in everlasting Peace: The Messiah!

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