Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sunni diplomats reportedly seek security cooperation with Israel
Israeli diplomats met secretly in Jordan with diplomats from Arab countries with which Israel has no official relations, Israel Radio reports.

The Palestinian Ma’an News Agency quoted a report on Israel Radio that said the meeting was also attended by diplomats from the United States and EU countries.

According to the report, the Arab diplomats said Middle Eastern countries should prepare for the day when US influence in the region diminishes. They also reportedly expressed interest in cooperating with Israel on security issues.

Israel and Sunni Arab countries have found a common foe in Iran, which is expected to grow stronger since a pending deal on its nuclear program would see the lifting of international sanctions. The outline of a deal between Iran and world powers, decided on in Lausanne, Switzerland, at the beginning of April, was met with criticism both in Jerusalem and in the capitals of Sunni Arab countries.

I doubt the Americans and EU were invited. That would be like giving an invitation to the Sunni sworn enemy - Iran.

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