Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Iranian ship docks in Yemen on May 21st and Obumbler will again do nothing

Next challenge for US after Ramadi defeat: Iranian ship nears Yemeni shore: "Washington, Riyadh and Cairo have all vowed to stop the Iranian flotilla from putting into port in Yemen and  said that its vessels will be forced to submit to inspections to make sure no illicit weapons are aboard and to confirm the passengers’ identities.

Tehran, for its part has threatened to treat any such inspections as an act of war.
Deputy Revolutionary Guards Commander Gen. Masoud Jazayeri put it plainly when he said: “I am distinctly stating that the patience of Iran has limits. If the Iranian aid ship is prevented from reaching Yemen then they, Saudi Arabians and United States, should expect action from us.”"

Displaying American weakness in the Middle East is a very poor foreign strategy. The next presidents will have a lot of clean up to do, but the way things are going there may not even be a next president.

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