Tuesday, January 13, 2015

President Hollande didn't want Netanyahu to attend Paris march

The death-cult ideology that France prefers not to name | The Times of Israel
"Millions would not have marched in France had only the Paris kosher supermarket been targeted, and only the Jews killed, they said. There was no such vast outpouring of concern and empathy, for instance, after precious Jewish children were murdered in Toulouse three years ago, they noted. Look how few “I am a Jew” posters were on display, they pointed out, as compared to all those “I am Charlie” signs."

Great comment:

"Once the kumbaya and candle lighting ceremonies are over, France is left with one startling reality and that is that they are finished, done, stick a fork in yourselves and start pulling off the pieces. Muslims have taken over your country from right under your noses. Not only have the internal cancer of the autonomous Muslim "closed zones" become an established fact, you lack the will and the guts to do anything about it. This incessant babbling by Hollande and other French politicians about the Muslim religion not being the prime mover of this violence allows room for more of these assassins to enter your country. Cancers like Muslimeosarcoma which your country suffers from need to be cut out if you are to survive. I don't see that kind of action in your future. You will be the first country in Europe to be taken over and will only have yourselves to blame. You won't however, be alone for long. England is right on your heels."

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