Friday, January 02, 2015

Allahu Akbar - we have 12% fewer cars torched in France

Hurrah!! Success!! 12% fewer cars torched in France on 2015 New Year eve  — RT News: "The number of vehicles torched across France on this New Year eve has fallen to 940 – a “significant” 12 percent decrease compared to 1,067 cars set aflame the year before, according to the country’s Interior Ministry."

New Year's Eve is, after all, an invention on the infidel's apostate calendar which therefore attracts the ire of Islam, among many many other things. The religion of peace (and flaming vehicles) demands that the year is 1436AH and that we follow their moon god calendar.

Obama tells us that the world is safer and more peaceful so it must be true. But it's probably only safer for him, a muslim with the best security the West can afford.

Obama tells troops: 'The world is better, safer, more peaceful' - Washington Times

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