Thursday, February 11, 2016

Is Zika Divine Retribution for Brazil's Actions Against Israel? - Breaking Israel News

Is Zika Divine Retribution for Brazil's Actions Against Israel?
"Why Brazil? According to O’Dell, it’s because Brazil is “a world leader in adultery. Not only is pornography everywhere on the streets, not only is the television shockingly uncensored, not only is the Brazilian Carnival’s licentiousness making our New Orleans Mardi Gras seem tame, not only is it common in Brazil for men to maintain two families: one public with a wife and one secret one through a mistress, but the truth is that the church in Brazil is struggling with the very same problems.

Speaking to Breaking Israel News, Rabbi Mendel Kessin affirmed, “There’s clearly a connection. We’re talking about a massive country that has been afflicted with two things: abnormal children and depopulation of the country.”

Citing the necessity for a country to produce a certain amount of children to maintain its population, a national call to ask women to postpone getting pregnant “is a death sentence for Brazil. A country that is anti-Semitic in many ways doesn’t deserve to be a country,” said Kessin.

Obviously Brazil has been found wanting. There’s no question that these people are being punished. Hashem (God) is doing it to an entire country. That’s how you know it’s from God. What God is sending down is a national punishment. To devastate an entire country? This is really a plague.”"

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