Sunday, October 11, 2015

The 'all merciful' Allah blows up another human bomb

Female Suicide Bomber Attacks Checkpoint in Judea - Israel News
When a police officer approached her car, the terrorist shouted “Allahu ahkbar” and detonated the bomb.

Isn't Allah great? Encouraging his followers to blow themselves up to kill others. And the West wants to import how many thousands of Allah's followers (Muslims) from the Middle East. I can't even say 'from Syria' because 80% of the migrants aren't from Syria and are simply welfare shopping for a better life in the west. Well at least Saudi Arabia, that bastion of human rights, is willing to build hundreds of mosques in the West to make the migrants feel welcome.

This world is headed for disaster and chaos and it's coming right to your doorstep because of blatant ignorance of self-loathing, pc politicians.

Only the God of Israel can help us in this world dominated by Satan worshippers.

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