Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Don't miss the significance of what's printed on these coins: "the Redemption of Zion"!!

The coins as they were found
Second Temple dwellings, bronze coins found near Jerusalem 
DEBKAfile August 5, 2014, 4:55 PM (IDT)

Archeologists have discovered the remains of an unknown Second Temple Era community during the excavations for expanding the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway. Found in a clay bowl in one of the houses was a rare hoard of 114 bronze coins stamped with the date of the fourth year of the Great Revolt led by Bar Cochba against Roman occupation – 69/70 CE - which ended in the Temple’s destruction on the Ninth Day of Av 2000 years ago. The heads of the dig, Pablo Betzer and Eyal Marco, report that the hoard was apparently cached months before the destruction in the hope of recovering it when the danger abated. Each coin is stamped with a chalice and the words “Geulat Zion” – the Redemption of Zion. The find affords a rare glimpse of Jewish life in Jerusalem’s outlying communities in the last days of the Second Temple Era.

The timing of the discovery of these coins is not accidental. The coins appear to have been buried several months before the fall of Jerusalem in 70AD. I think the discovery of these coins today is yelling: "Zion is about to be redeemed!"

I highly recommend reading/studying Ellis Skolfield's "Islam in the End Times" to understand 'when' we are living. The book is available as a free pdf at that site, or available on Amazon. It will give you an appreciation of the 'coin' story above.

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